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Qualifications, Training and Development

The best way to start a career in a builders merchants is through an apprenticeship. BMF’s apprentice scheme is work-based, training merchants to work effectively and competently and leading to an NVQ.

Once in a builders merchant you can undertake a wide range of in-job training and skills development through BMF courses. All training courses are run by qualified trainers and are certified as appropriate to national standards. The BMF provides training in a range of formats to suit your needs. This might be online, in-house at the merchant or through course work and text books.

If you want to maximise your potential while working at a builders merchant then the BMF offers industry employees the opportunity to gain a Diploma and/or Foundation Degree. These courses are designed to take managers and potential managers to the highest level.

Route Map

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The BMF Apprenticeship is often the first route an individual might take to gain relevant and nationally recognised qualifications. It is good for career progression and your CV.

The BMF offers Apprenticeships in customer service, team leading, warehouse and storage, business information, management and merchant supplies – timber.

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In-job Training

Once in a role at a builders merchants you would normally receive training from your employer when you start and throughout your career. These work-based courses offer you the chance to develop your skills and progress in your career.

There are 5 areas where you can take courses: Leadership, Sales, Induction and Operation, Transport and Specialist.

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Higher Education

The BMF offers two higher education courses. The BMF Diploma in Merchanting and, on successful completion, the BMF Foundation Degree in Merchanting. These courses offer managers and trainee managers advanced leadership development training that is specifically tailored to the needs of the builders and timber merchant sector.

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